Message from Superintendent
It is my great pleasure to welcome you, my honorable colleagues. Thank you for your devoting in pursuing excellence of treating neurosurgical disease, participating in the Congress meeting of 14th AOSBSC at Taichung Taiwan, and promoting the science work flow of skull base surgery in conjunction with the collaboration of Taiwan Society of Neuro-Oncology and Taiwan Pituitary Society. I myself, superintendent of the Taichung Veterans General Hospital, together with all my fellow members in the service of Department of Neurosurgery, would like to invite you to enjoy the entertainment of knowledge communication and the hospitability of Taichung City and her adorable atmosphere.

The development of the skull base surgery is never being an easy task. First, these lesions anatomically sit on the extremely complex area, and secondarily, they physiologically can result in devastating consequence if not fully skillful. No single expertise can master it all along. Therefore, the society of skull base surgery values the multidisciplinary most and achieves the great success. Examples are the development of micro neurosurgery, neuroendoscopic microsurgery, stereotactic neurosurgery, minimal invasive neurosurgery, and robotics in Neurosurgery, etc. These accomplishments can only be made possible day by day, and year by year, with the accumulation of the wisdom and work loads coming from the diligent people like you, in this conference room.

At last, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Congress President, Professor Shen, staff members of the secretariat, and all the participants in this Congress meeting. Thank you for your contribution to make better outcome of patients.

Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu, MD., PhD.
Superintendent and Professor of Medicine,
Taichung Veterans General Hospital,
Taichung, Taiwan